Tenby Holiday

Tenby Harbour in the Morning
A photo of Tenby Harbour in the morning, showing some of the beautifully coloured buildings.Tenby is an historic town tracing it’s beginnings to the 10th century. During the 12th and 13th centuries a castle was built and the town walled. Some of these walls still stand.The Victorians made the town popular as a seaside resort, which it remains today.
The Old Severn Bridge
The Old Severn Bridge

So a week ago we “crossed the border” into Wales over the Severn Bridge (old one), arriving at Tenby in ti

me to have a drink on the beach  before heading for a fish and chips dinner. Tenby is on the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales.

Tenby is an interesting place. With early records traced to sometime in the 9th century, it was a walled town with a castle in the 13th century. The Victorians developed Tenby into a holiday resort. Boasting a couple of pretty good beaches it proved to be a great spot to enjoy some summer sunshine.

Despite a booking mix-up (our fault) we were made very welcome at the Clement Dale Guest House by Trevor and Ros Wood. Breakfasts – traditional English bacon and eggs were great! The guest house is well situated with South Beach a couple of blocks in one direction and the walled town a couple of blocks in the other. In fact the whole area was perfect for an early morning walk with the camera every morning.

Apart from some almost perfect summer weather, I will remember sitting in the dark in sight and sound of the sea, drinking wine and eating fish and chips from long established local chippy Fecci and Sons.

Thinking of a holiday, or just a few days getaway? Give Tenby a thought. It is a few hours drive away, but easily accessible by train from most of the UK.

Tenby also has an entry on Wikipedia as well as a Visitor Guide.

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