Brackley Festival of Food 2014

After a wet and rainy start this morning, the Brackley Festival of Food 2014 seemed to have got off to a good start by mid-day.
As always there was a good array of products, from cupcakes in a pink van, to Caribbean jerked chicken, not to forget the various pickles and preserves on offer.
One, especially interesting fact, was the possibility that we will soon have a bakery in Brackley again. Bread should be properly made, by a bakery, and not the junk in a packet that the supermarkets deliver.

On a slightly different note the Brackley Fringe was well represented, talking about the Brackley Fringe Festival in early August.
Next annual Brackley event is the Brackley Community Carnival in June.

Brackley Festival of Food Links

The Brackley Festival of Food  (click on the link) has a Facebook Page.

Brackley Fringe has a website, currently promoting the festival in August.

Photo Notes

As always – a few notes on the photos. I am not an event photographer, nor am I committed to documenting every aspect of the event, so these are just what caught my eye. it is always good practice to shoot something outside your own photographic comfort zone. The usual combination was in play: the Canon EOS 450D with Sigma 17-50. The camera was left on P, ISO 100 for the outdoor shots and 400 indoors. It was all quickly “cropped and leveled” in XnView.



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