Masts in the sunset at Oia in Santorini

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Masts in the sunset at Oia in Santorini

Some time ago, I started to find Flickr irritating, for a number of reasons. Although I stopped my pro membership, I did keep on posting a very occasional photo and interacting with some of my Flickr friends. In my endeavours to start selling prints, my focus went to Jeremy Hayden Photography on Fine Art America and, more recently, to

As photographers know, post processing can take time. In the background I have been trying to improve my web presence. As a result, and with some welcome changes in Flickr, I started to post a couple there as well. Imagine my surprise in finding over 250 faves and 4,000 views on one of those – Masts in the Sunset. I am very pleased.

Does that mean I will be focusing on Flickr in future? No. My use of Flickr will continue to grow as part of my photography efforts. It is still a great way to present photos, with limitations.

Does that mean I will pay the nearly $50 to renew my pro membership? Maybe. If Flickr can deliver that value to me every year, definitely, otherwise not.

My view is that Flickr was left behind by others and managed some wrong turns. Particularly on mobile media, the Flickr app is not great. I look forward to seeing further improvements.

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