Chesterton Windmill Photo Shoot

Chesterton Mill Sunset Shoot

The whole idea of a club visit to Chesterton Windmill was to catch the windmill in the sunset. Of course the British weather soon scuppered that idea, with a bank of cloud visibly moving up over the sun.

Instead we were treated to the spectacle of the full, harvest moon rising behind the windmill. An opportunity for some interesting photography. Tripods and cable releases were very much in evidence, with photos being taking well into the evening and many moon shots happening.

The picture featured here is my favourite. You can have a look at the gallery in the Chesterton Windmill Photo Gallery.


This shot was very much a long exposure. The EXIF info tells me it was taken at 22:10. The cloud covered moon is carefully positioned inside one arch. Gear was a Canon 60D with a Sigma 17-50 at f/4.5, 2.5 s on ISO 100. Obviously the camera was on a tripod and a cable was used. The RAW image was edited, as always in DarkTable (on Mint Linux). A bit of tone tweaking was necessary in the colour mixer to get the black and white effect I wanted. The colour version is also in the Gallery.

Of course the feature photo at the top of the page is cropped, Here’s Chesterton Windmill in all of its black and white glory.

[singlepic id=1131 w= h= float=center]

Chesterton Windmill Links

Have a look at the Wikipedia entry for more info on Chesterton Windmill.

And check out my 500px gallery for the pics.

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