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Once a week—or every so often—I will display one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week. It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. Except for the technical details beneath the pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand […]

via Last Week’s Instagram — In Flow

Something of a first – I have never, on this site, re-blogged a post. This post on Otto Münchow’s excellent blog caught my eye, and the text really interested me.

Late last year I had a quick look for Android processing software. When travelling I tend to carry my cameras and Samsung Note 4, with an OTG hub. No laptops, pro computer gear, large tablets, etc. The software I found for my phone did not impress, though it did work. Put simply it was trying to be desktop software on a little screen. Not great, though I did successfully blog a couple of photos from Vilanculos. With more travel coming up I have been experimenting recently with quick methods of posting to this blog via Instagram, 500px, etc. That’s been fun – more on that later…

Today started with a post from 500px about the 500px RAW software. 500px RAW is, of course, iOS only. There was some discussion of Snapseed as a good raw processing alternative, which sparked some interest as I had never used it.

Then I looked at the wordpress reader and saw this post and its reference to Snapseed!

In case you haven’t heard about Snapseed, it was produced initially for iOS on iPad. Owners Nik Software then further developed it for iPhone and Windows. When Nik Software was taken over by Google, the Windows software was dropped and the system ported to Android. (Thumbnail of the reference on Wikipedia.)

So. Snapseed is on my Android device, and on my iPad. Let’s see what can be achieved! Watch this space.


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