Photographic Exhibition – 2016 – Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society

Every year in September our photographic club, the Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society holds its annual photographic exhibition. Usually this is a display of work from the last year. Now, our club is non-competitive. That means that, unlike many clubs, there are no competitions or judging of photos in the normal course of business. that’s not to say of course, that a bit of friendly competitiveness doesn’t arise. The annual exhibition is no exception and a very high standard of work.

2016 has been a very busy and tough year. My own photographic volume is well down. however we ended 2015 with a couple of weeks in Mozambique, which dominated my entry. Along with a picture from Spain.

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They are also on 500px.

My entries for this year’s photographic exhibition were:

Mozambique Seascape
Island Life. A seascape view from the Lovely Magaruque Island in the Bazarutoi Archipelago. It’s a short boat ride from Vilanculos.


Photographic Exhibition: Bazaruto Crab
This crab strongly objected to our walking across his sand at low tide!He was pretty big and was not leaving in a hurry with all of us looking at him. Seen on a beach on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.


Photographic Exhibition: Balcon de Europa
On a sunny day in the town of Nerja, in Andalucia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The Balcon de Europa, giving a fantastic view of the sea and nearby coastline, is a 19th century monumnet. Here’s the view along the boulevard looking back towards Nerja.


Photographic Exhibition: Crab on the Beach
A little crab coming out of his hole on the beach.When the tide has gone out and the sand is starting to dry these little crabs pop up all over the beach.Taken at Vilanculos, Mozambique.

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