One from Santorini – a place I need to go back to.

Exploring Santorini - steps and blue domes!
Santorini – Climbing steps to the dome.

Santorini Memory

So January has been a ridiculously crowded and busy month. Nothing unusual, actually. It just means that there are a couple of posts sitting waiting to be finished.
In the meantime, as we think about our travel plans for the years, here’s one from my Instagram collection, taken in Santorini while on holiday a couple of years ago. Now Santorini is definitely a place I need to go back to.

Photography & Technical

Just because it’s an older photo doesn’t mean we can’t do something with it. The original was uploaded from the DSLR collection to Dropbox. It was then downloaded in full size to the iPad. One issue to note here is that the Dropbox / iPad transition strips the IPTC data. That’s a total pain as I use the IPTC data!
From there it was edited in Snapseed, and the frame added. Photogene was used to resize it for WordPress. The featured picture was cropped from a earlier shot, which was horizontal and more suitable. It was processed in the same way.

This Post on Instagram

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Buy Santorini Art

Santorini Domes and Sky canvas for Sale
A blue sky behind a domed (church?) building in Santorini

Most of my Santorini photos are available to buy in various types of artwork at my site.

Please visit.


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