Abingdon – An Interesting Day Out

On a whim we went to Abingdon to an antique and vintage street fair on a Saturday morning. Not that we are into antiques. It just seemed like an interesting way to spend a Saturday morning. In the end we had a stroll through the antique stands on the street, then took a walk around as neither of us had been there before.

Where and What is Abingdon?

Abingdon is located on the River Thames about 10 km south of Oxford. With a history extending over 1,000 years it has some very interesting places. it is a market town and was once the county town of Berkshire. Since 1974 it has been the seat of the Vale of White Horse district in Oxfordshire.

Town Centre Photos

The town offers many interesting places for the history buff. We’ll leave those for another day. On this trip we stuck to the centre of town, and took a few photos.

The Black Swan Pub
We went to Abingdon to visit an antique street fair.We went to Abingdon for the Antique and Vintage street fair. This was our first view of the stands outside The Black Swan Pub. I particularly liked the contrast of street activity, old and new buildings. It seemed appropriate to render it in sepia.We went to Abingdon to visit an antique street fair.
Abingdon Street
The Antique and Vintage fair on Bath Street in Abingdon. An interesting collection of antique and other products, which did manage to separate us from a few pounds.
Abingdon Town Hall Museum and MG Cars
The Abingdon county hall was built between between 1677 and 1680 and was once called the “grandest town hall in Britain”. It now houses Abingdon County Hall Museum. The display of classic MG cars is very appropriate. Abingdon is the “spiritual home” of the MG. MG Cars were produced there between 1929 and 1980, when the factory was closed in the British Leyland restructuring. Take a look at the MG Works Centre Website .

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