Weekly Photo: Lily of the Valley in the Garden


Lily of the valley flowers. Pretty white flowers hidden in their leaves.

Lily of the valley flowers, white bells against dark green leaves.














Spring and summer, with flowers blooming and the insects waking up, is great for a bit of garden and flower photography. Out in the garden, I saw these pretty little lily of the valley flowers. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a camera out and do some close-up work.

The lily of the valley flowers are really small, but the pretty white shapes hidden in the leaves make a good photo.

[bctt tweet=”Lily of the Valley are such pretty little white bell-shaped flowers. Find them in spring, but they don’t last long.” username=”Hairy1Travels”]

Photo Notes

The little Panasonic Lumix TZ100 is a great travel camera with its 1 inch sensor and 10x zoom. While it may not be as good as a larger sensor, it doesn’t do a bad job close up, even in poor light. These were shot in shadow, both at ISO 1600, hand held. The first photo was processed in my favourite app, Snapseed, while the other was processed in Darktable (on Linux Mint)

The Challenge

My entry for Bren Ryan’s challenge Photo for the Week2



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Filosopete says:



  2. Bren says:

    Thank you for entering… lily of the valley has a beautiful smell to it.. love how you captured the beauty of this flower xx


    1. The Hairy One says:

      Thanks Bren.


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