Caught My Eye: Turkish Food and Photo Challenges

Here are a couple of things that caught my eye this week.

Turkish Dinner at Black Pepper

A Turkish Meal at Black Pepper

You don’t need to go far to find something interesting. And sometimes it’s right around the corner.

This week ended with a celebration dinner. With no real experience of Turkish food (I don’t think the shish kebabs from the local takeaway really count?) a group of us decided to go to a Turkish restaurant in nearby Buckingham. Situated in the shopping mall in Buckingham, Black Pepper came highly recommended.

On arrival, on one of the hottest days of the 2018 British heatwave we asked for the group’s table to be moved into the outside setting area. With a bunch of that was a big ask, but the staff had it sorted in a couple of minutes. Kudos for that. Now there are a number of good restaurants in Buckingham, but what made the evening at Black Pepper really great was the friendly staff. The food was excellent, but, as the evening progressed, so the party went on. The arrival of a pretty belly dancer provided great entertainment, as she danced with any of the guests who dared to get up and join her. Friendly people and no rush to shut up shop as it headed toward midnight. A great experience, and I think we have a new favourite local restaurant. And I am told the Turkish breakfast is excellent.

Black Pepper Turkish Cuisine

Some more Turkish Food

Of course, like all good blogger (??), knowing we were going to have Turkish good, I did a few searches. Here’s a page that caught my eye, and made my mouth water.

10+ Must Try Turkish Food Your Tastebuds Will Thank You For

Caught My Eye Online: Photo Challenges

An on a completely different track, picked up from Ryan Photography’s site, which I have been following for some time, I found this list of photography challenges. Photo challenges are always good to stimulate your photography and meet fellow photographer and, in this case, bloggers.

Go and have a look at these Photo Challenges

And if you are a photographer, have a go. Check out my first challenge entry too: Photo Challenge – Lilly of the Valley

White bell shaped lily of the valley flowers in a nest of green leaves.

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Caught My Eye - Turkish Food and Photo Challenges

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