Clouds over Switzerland

It’s been a crazy, busy, surprising and generally fun, long, hot spring and summer. Eventually I just enjoyed the breaks and let this blog idle along.

What better way to restart, than to post some photos for a photo challenge. Specifically Bren Ryan’s Photo for the Week – 12 – Clouds. Here are a few clouds from our end of September trip to visit friends in Switzerland.

Clouds over Lake Geneva at Perroy
Clouds over Lake Geneva, taken from Perroy. After arriving at Geneva airport we stopped off for a drink.
Sunset clouds and vapour trails at Les Moulins, Switzerland.
The clouds just catching the sunset, with vapour trails criss-crossing the sky.
Of course the mountains hide the actual sunset, so this is the light in the clouds as the sun goes down.
Taken from Les Moulins.
Sunset over Lake Geneva at Vevey.
And, yes, there actually is an 8 metre stainless steel fork embedded in the rocks.

Photography Notes

The photo from Perroy was taken with a Huawaei Mate 10 Pro mobile phone, and enhanced by Google Photos.

The other two wer shot with the Lumix TZ100, touched up in XNView MP.

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