Marathia Sunset

Marathia Sunset.
The sun slipping into the sea off the Marathia Peninsula, Zakynthos

A Marathia Sunset.

Why "Marathia"? Simply because the photo was taken from a boat off the Marathia Peninsula, or Cape Marathia, on the island of Zakynthos during our recent beach holiday there.

There is always something special about a sunrise or sunset. Otherwise why would we get up early for the sunrise, or talk about "sundowners".

Going for a little cruise, in an open boat, on calm water has its own attraction.

Add the two together after a fantastic day in the sun, on the beach. What better way to see in the evening, especially if it includes a free glass or two of prosecco!

Soon after arriving at Kalamaki Beach we realised that this holiday was going to be about simply chilling out on the beach. But a cruise was an attractive thought. And who wants to pass up a sunset? So we jumped at the opportunity, found the travel rep and booked.

Starting from Laganas, and visiting the blue caves of Cape Marathia along the way it was a great way to start the evening.

And The Photo

I was carrying three cameras – my now deceased Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Lumix TZ100 and old gold EOS 60D. The 60D with the Sigma 17-50 did the job nicely. A bit of basic processing in XnView MP gave me the picture I wanted.

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This one will soon be in my Sunset Collection on for you to buy

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