Classic Cars on the Piazza – Brackley 2019

1938 Alvis at the Brackley Classic Cars in the Piazza event, 2019.

Every Year, between Christmas and New Year, Brackley hosts the Classic Cars on the Piazza / Marketplace. Typically the event involves no entry fee or pre-booking. Classic car owners simply arrive.

Alvis 4.3 litre classic car
Alvis 4,3 litre

Brackley Classic Car Show, host the event. They also host the Classic Cars in the Park in Brackley in August.

This year I arrived a bit late, however the Mayor told me there had been a record turnot of over 120 cars. Certainly, when I arrived, there were still a few interesting vehicles still there.

I recognised a number of cars from previous events, but these are the ones which caught my eye.

The first to catch my eye was the very elegant looking Alvis, pictured at the top of the page. Under the bonnet was an interesting 6 cylinder engine sporting triple SU carburettors an dual fuel pumps.

1938 Alvis 4,3 litre at the Brackley Classic Cars in the Piazza Event, 2019.

A little research suggests that this is a 1938 Alvis 4.3 litre.

The brass plate on the engine mounting carries lubrication instructions, and I was intrigued by the lubricateion kit at the back of the engine bay.

Contrast this big six cylinder engine with the 996cc V-twin of the 8hp 1914 Humbrette.

Looking at the controls of the Humbrette, I’m not even sure I would know how to drive it!

Amerivcan muscle at the Classic Car show
An old Chevrolet pick up. Not quite – a look inside showed an auto transmission and a big “not original” makeover. Sounded great when it drove away!

And some of the others, just a few which caught my attention.

Morris Minor at the Brassic Classic Cars in the Piazza
And where would we be without a Morris Minor at an English classic car show?

Here’s One to Pin to your Boards

Classic Cars in The Piazza - Brackley 2019.
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4 thoughts on “Classic Cars on the Piazza – Brackley 2019

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  1. I can relate directly to two of those you posted. My father owned a used 1960 Caddie. I only drove it a few times, before he exchanged it for a new 1964 – a long story. My favorite experiences driving the 2nd land yacht was using it on dates in Greenwich Village. It revealed that I was the modern incarnation of Moses: wherever we were going, on those narrow, crowded streets, a parking space, large enough for the beast, would open, within a few feet of our destination.

    Then there was the summer of 1968. I spent my days driving a 1949 Chevy pickup – straight six, three on the column – selling ice cream, from the dry ice box on the rear bed. Such low torque and gearing that I could put it in 1st and it slowly made its own way through the residential neighborhoods of Ft. Lee, NJ.


    1. Fantastic.
      As a kid in the 60’s, in Rhodesia, I used to go out into the bush with my Dad in his F100. He was building dams in Matabeleland.
      My own experiences of the American cars came later in the 70’s caravan industry. I got to drive a selection of Ford Fairlanes, Galaxies and pickups like the Ranchero and El Camino. These were straight 6 and V8 engined, South African assembled, right hand drive versions. Very popular for towing. Great fun! I still love the 60’s and 70’s big engined beasts!


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