Breaking Wave in the Sunrise

The early morning sun catching the top of a breaking wave in the sunrise at Umdloti.

A breaking wave in the sunrise at Umdloti.

The Kwazulu-Natal coast is east facing, so the sun rises over the sea. Little beats waking up in the morning with a view of the sun popping out of the horizon over the ocean. With an apartment overlooking the beach and a bit of windy weather, our 2017 Umdloti visit offered some great early starts.

Fortunately the sunrise is not ridiculously early at this time of year. So, getting out of bed to sea the start of the day over a steaming cup of coffee is easy.

At Vilanculos, in Mozambique we experienced the relatively calm, protected waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago. The Kwazulu-Natal coast fetures surf and breakers. These make for some interesting breaking wave photos, especially in rough weather.

We arrived at the King Shaka airport in rough weather a couple of days after a massive storm, That persisted. We experienced wind weather, with heavy sea haze, which is visible in the photo.

The ship is one of many waiting to enter Durban harbor, a little south of Umdloti. Here’s a ship in the same hazy sunrise conditions.

Sunrise over the Indian ocean at Umdlotu
Photos from our South Africa trip in 2017 – Umdloti.Sunrise and breaking waves shot from the beach in front of our holiday accomodation.

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