Canada Geese at the Lake

A misty morning at the lake.

A sunny morning with a bit of mist over the water. The Canada Geese at the lake ignore the mist as they guide their recently hatched young along the lake shore – taking the kids out for breakfast.

The lake is only a few minutes from home. So it makes a great place to take a walk, with camera in hand. In fact photos of the geese have featured in a few posts – here’s one from 2013 – In a Blur of Feathers.

Canada Geese – Our Local Flock

As the name suggests Canada Geese are found in Canada. The geese in the colder, more northern parts, migrate south avery year. In the UK, as in many parts of Europe they stay in one area and do not migrate.

The local flocks can be seen in spring foraging in local farmers’ fields, and have a very distinctive call as they fly over. In autumn, at the lake, in the late afternoon, the flocks gather at one end of the lake. At a call form one goose they take off and fly to their nests at the other end of the lake. Quite a spectacle for the photographer!

The local Canada Geese also feature in their own gallery on my photo sales galleries – look at Canada Goose Art.

Enjoy the small gallery of Canada Geese below.

St James Lake

The lake referred to here is St James Lake, situated in Brackley in South Northamptonshire in the UK. Originally built for flood control purposes, the local anging society and town council, helped by many volunteers have developed into a pretty spot.

Walkers, joggers, and picnickers frequent the area, especially over weekends. The abundant birdlife makes St James lake an interesting spot for a bit of photgraphy.

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