Tenby Colours – A Favourite

Tenby colours. The many colours of the buildings contrast with the colours of the boats in the harbour.

Tenby colours never cease to amaze me. Walk down many of the streets in the “old” (or tourist oriented!) Tenby and the visitor will see the many shades of pink, blues and yellows which have been used  to paint the buildings. It’s a pretty place to visit, and popular for summer holidays.

On a week long visit to Tenby we stayed in bed and breakfast in the central, older part of town. The location was ideal for a morning walk to catch the golden hour before breakfast. North Beach and the harbour face the sunrise so offer some good photography.

A sunrise walk on Tenby North Beach at low tide makes access to the harbour easy. The photo was taken soon after sunrise with the tide not fully out. The bright red and white and blue colours of the boats look great against the old stone buildings of the harbour and the coloured buildings of Tenby above.

This is one of my favourite images, and a big favourite in my photography stores.

Do have a look:

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On Redbubble for over 60 products printed with Tenby Harbour Morning Colours.

On Pixels.com (Fine Art America) for prints and printed merchandise – Tenby Harbour Morning Colours.


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