Al Fresco Lunch at the Pig Place

Al fresco - leather couches along the Oxford Canal at the Pig Place.
Leather couches along the Oxford Canal at the Pig Place.

Sitting in the sun on a great big comfortable couch in the Oxfordhire sunshine. What better way to have lunch.

We enjoy finding interesting places to eat, be it a full on meal or just a snack brunch or lunch. We had heard of the Pig Place, so we took a detour on our way home from Oxford last week and paid it a visit.

According to their website, the Pig Place is a dog friendly, canal side campsite, with a café, bar and farm shop.

The Trotters Bar at the Pig Place.

From the car park, it is a short walk up to the farm shop and café, passing pens of chicken and pigs, until you reach the Trotters Bar. Just past that is a barn with the shop and , to the right “The Trough”. That is a large catering van where all the food magic happens.

You can sit under the umbrellas, or wander down by the canal, and pick a big couch, or a group of couches. Order your food and register it via SMS, and your mobile will let you know when it is ready.

Menus at the Trough showed a good selection of breakfasts alongside various pork burger and sandwich selections. Vegetarians were also catered for. The website also shows some interesting meals.

We chose a hot dog with onions , and pulled pork roll with coleslaw, and onion rings. The meat was excellent quality, in quality rolls. Most important was to be able to just relax for a while in the sun, lookin across the Oxford Canal.

We were impressed, so bought a stock of sausages to take home!

The Trough at the Pig Place. You can choose to sit on the decking under the umbrellas.
The Trough – places to sit under the umbrellas.

We were there for the food, but having camped for many years had a look at the campsite. It is not huge, but comfortable for a few vans and tents. Providing only toilets, it would be ideal for short stays or vans. It is perfectly situated for a view of and across the canal. The shop seems to be well stocked with basics, and great meat for most campers’ needs. I was amused at the list of fire making needs, like kindling, wood, matches, ending with “Marshmallows (with sticks)”. Love it!

For the narrowboaters a section next to the canal provides power and water for overnight stays.

We hve heard, though I can find no evidence, that they have a great Friday evening session with music. We’ll certainly be watching for that, as it could be great fun, sitting in front of a fire by the canal.

The Pig Place is on the road between Aynho and Adderbury. If you are local, or just passing by it would be worth a visit.


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