Squirrels and Goose at the Lake

A white goose peering through a wooden barrier at our local lake.
A white goose head – peering through a barrier which stops people falling in the lake.

It seems my camera gear is hardly used these days, so I took a walk recently, at our local St James Lake. The lake is just 5 minutes walk from my front door. The path around it is well established and maintained, so it really is a good place to take a walk. I have taken so many photos here, I often just take my phone and leave the camera behind.

From time I time I do like to do the photo exercise I have written about before. As DSLR and, nowadays, mirrorless system camera users, we tend to lug around a bunch of lenses, sometimes “just in case” something appears. The lens exercise is, simply, to take the camera with just one lens, and no other camera gear,

My choice for this walk was the Canon EF 70-300mm.

On this walk it was a cloudy, windy day with not a lot happening on the lake.

I did spot the goose peering at me through the barrier at one part of the lake. The barrier is at that spot to stop kids falling in, as that is the place where they generally feed the ducks and geese on the lake. So it is also a popular hangout for all of the water fowl.

A squirrel pauses with his food to check me out.
A squirrel caught by surprise freezes with his nut, while he checks me out.

With attention on the lake I stopped near a tree. Looked around and there were a couple of squirrels. So here are a couple of grabshots of the two of them.

A squirrel peering around a tree at me.
A squirrel peering around a tree at me.

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