Out and About at Limes Farm

Blue skies over Limes Farm in Farthinghoe.
Blue skies over Farthinghoe at Limes Farm.

Lockdown is easing and the sun came out. That’s a great excuse to get out and about, in this case, a few miles down the road to nearby Limes Farm, for an al fresco lunch.

We know Limes Farm reaosnably well, as we have often enjoyed a breakfast or a snack in the tea room. Of course, with lockdown, it has been a while, so we thought we would drop in with our granddaughter for a lunch snack.

A little explorer heading out.
Granddaughter exploring on her own.

As we just wanted a light meal we ordered toated sandwiches from the Drive Thru. A few tables and chairs in an adjacent field made a perfect spot to enjoy the open air and sunshine.

A view over the Northamptonshire countryside.
A view over the Northamptonshire countryside.

Our granddaughter loved seeing the horses and donkeys, and chickens and even guinea fowl. I am always sort of surprised to see guinea fowl in the UK as I relate them to the flocks we used to see in the bush in Zimbabwe.

Guinea fowl in a field at Limes Farm, Farthinghoe.
Guinea fowl in the field.

Limes Farm is interesting. It has been owned by the same family for 200 years. They claim farming roots back to 1066. Read more on their about page.

That was a pleasant lunch time interlude in the sun.

Limes farm is in Farthinghoe in Northasmptonshire, on the main Banbury to Brackley road (A422), and close to the M40.

Well worth a visit if you are nearby or passing by.

Blue skies and open countryside at Limes Farm in Northaptonshire.
Blue skies and open countryside.

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