Sunrise on Sandown Beach Isle of Wight

Sunrise on the beach at Sandown on the Isle of Wight. I took an early morning walk to the beach to catch the sunrise, with some interesting clouds in the sky. The sun is just appearing over the horizon and reflecting off the beach. Sandown Bay is well protected and is often used by ships…

At The End Of The Day on a Beach

After a long day’s travel, a sundowner at the end of the day on a beach on the Isle of Wight. It was autumn, but still warm enough.

Seashell on a Sunny Beach

A seashell on a sunny beach.The patterns cast by the sun shining through the moving seawater caught my eye, and here’s the image.

5 Years On – Can YOU Travel?

Can you travel? We travel when and how we can. People express envy sometimes. Read about how WE manage it as “older travellers”.

No Snow

No snow. No winter photos. But we have to keep on shooting.