Hedgehog in the Garden

A hedgehog in the garden paying us a visit. It’s unusual to see a healthy looking hedgehog in the garden when it is still light. The camera was ready!

Ripples in the Sand

Ripples in the Sand on a Bazaruto Island beach after the tide has gone out.

Crab in the Surf

A crab in the surf on Magaruque Island in the Bazaruto Island, Mozambique.

Some Desert Island Photography

Here’s a bit of desert island photography. These two shots make me think of a desert island, with a big empty beach and the sea on the horizon. Actually the

First and Last Sunrise

A sea view is a big plus for holiday accomodation. A sea view with a sunrise is fantastic.

Happy Cat

A happy cat. Happy that, as the weather cools down, she has found a warm lap.