Using High ISO

Taking photos using high ISO. As the light goes simply crank up the ISO? It’s not quite that simple. here’s a bit of work with some high ISO photography.

Seagull Flying Low

Love this picture of a seagull flying low on the beach, as seen from a cliff edge.

Beach Sunrise

A beach sunrise, captured on North Beach, Tenby in Pembrokeshire.

Hungry Seagull

This noisy scavenging, hungry seagulll let me get very close.

Summer Flowers

A couple of brightly coloured summer flowers. These can be purchased on my photography site.

Reflections in Water

There is always something special about reflections in water. Enjoy these photos.

London at Night

London at Night – photos from a tour with Photographic Tours at Night.

Swan Takeoff

Mute swan takeoff photo. Wildlife photos often need a bit of luck, but a bit of prepararation can help make your own luck, as in this swan takeoff picture.

Bluebells Everywhere

It’s bluebell time in England again, and the woods have bluebells everywhere in a pretty blue carpet.