Duck Shoot

Last Saturday really looked good for a duck shoot. Golden hour came and went before I surfaced. It was a great sunny day, great for collecting the gear and heading for the local lake to shoot a duck or two, and perhaps a goose. As expected the ducks and geese were on the water and…

That Grey Heron

Here’s an unusual angle on a grey heron, just after it took off. I have been trying to catch a decent photo of this guy  for a while, with limited success. Having watched him for a bit on the other side of the lake, he suddenly launched himself, giving me this shot. Sadly the auto…

Sunny Spring Sunday

What a beautiful sunny spring Sunday. Spring definitely seems to be here, and the flowers and insects were feeling it too. A good day to get in some practice with the macro lens. What started out as a matter of some flower close-ups, ended up chasing butterflies parking in the sun on some pretty pink…

Spring Morning

Photos from a warm spring morning in the garden. Great to be able to sit outside with a cup of coffee and a camera.

Spring is Here?

Judging by the behaviour of the Canada geese at the lake is Spring here?

Duck Flypast

I managed to capture a photo of a duck flypast overhead in the morning sun.

A Duck and Some Luck

A bit of wildlife photography luck, catching a photo of this duck as it touched the water on landing.

Lake after the Storms

  The clear morning air is amazingly “clean” after a stormy night. Blue skies reflected in the lake are always an attractive sight.  

Blue Glass and Gecko

On our kitchen window sill we have a collection of blue bottles. On a summer morning they are very pretty with the sun behind them. We also have a collection of geckos made of wire and beads, which are a common form of “art” made in Zimbabwe, and easily purchased on the side of the…

Goodbye 2013

The last sunset of 2013 After a wet and overcast day the clouds parted and nature gave us a decent sunset to end the year.   Happy New Year Everyone

Gulls Incoming

I caught this photo at the local lake last weekend. A few people came down to feed the ducks. This caused a scrap between the ducks. And then came the gulls, flying in and just helping themselves, then flying out again. At this time of year the gulls move in and stick around until spring,…