Clouds in the sunset as the sun appears to be parked on the hills in the south of France. Taken from the beach near Vendres-Plage in the Lanquedoc-Roussillon region of the south of France. Clouds in the Sunset in France Clouds in the sunset as the sun appears to be parked on the hills in... Continue Reading →

The lighthouse on Fort de Brescu off Cap d'Agde in France. We took a day trip and did a boat trip which went around the island.

Late May in the Lanquedoc-Rousillon area of France can be windy and cold. But the sun shines. The sunsets and sunrises are great, well worth the early start. On this morning I caught a decent sunrise. On my way back to camp I noticed the effect of the golden hour light at a low angle... Continue Reading →

  Portiragne Plage Ouest Sunset on the Beach One evening on our trip to France we had an excellent tapas meal at a "guingette" on the beach at Portiragne Plage Ouest, near Beziers. The time of day was just right to catch the sunset. All the locals referred to the restaurant as a "guingette", translated... Continue Reading →

A picture, in black and white, of the stone walls of the old city, La Cité, of Carcassonne in the Lanquedoc region of the South of France.

It's a big, empty blue sky over Valras Plage on the Meditarranean coast off the South of France. Taken from a nearby beach.

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