Add a few basic accessories and your modern smartphone can become your computer. Just a keyboard and a cable and your smartphone of course.

Google Photos is incredibly useful when you are travelling and taking photos. But you need to know a couple of tricks to REALLY use it effectively.

Travel hardware for your holiday blogging and photos? You need a laptop, right? Wrong. There are better, cheaper ways to do it. And they may surprise you.

Interesting! I had to try this! I came across #snapseed recently. What better way to try it but to pick a pretty mundane "I was there" photo. This thing could be fun! Busy times, so it has been a few days since I shared Otto Münchow’s blog about Snapseed. I have subsequently used it to... Continue Reading →

Once very "techie", modern Linux offers many effective tools for the computer user, as well as effective phot editing resources.

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