Food. Home baked sourdough bread, or something interessting to eat, or a great place for a meal.

Rock Shandy for a Hot Summer Day

A Rock Shandy. Ask any bartender in South Africa or Zimbabwe for one of these and he will know exactly what you want. I have struggled to find one in a UK pub, though, to be fair, it is a drink for a hot day, ideally on the beach, but the garden will do! The…

Al Fresco Lunch at the Pig Place

The Pig Place at Adderbury. Sitting in the sun on a great big comfortable couch in the Oxfordhire sunshine. What better way to have lunch.

Market Harborough April 2019. Holistic harborough Festival in The Squaare.

Coffee at Holistic Harborough

We tag along with Bretts Own Brews’ “Betty” mobile coffee shop at Holistic Harborough in The Square at Market Harborough.

Coffee and Good Food – A 3 County Saturday

Call it a tour of the neighbourhood. It started out as a quick drive to check out a bakery and have some coffee. It ended up as a three county tour, featuring coffee and good food. Brunch at the Bakergirl in Oxfordshire Our daughter and her partner invited us for a drive to check out…


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