White bell shaped lily of the valley flowers in a nest of green leaves.

Lily of the Valley in the Garden

Lily of the Valley flowers in a pot in the garden. As spring moves towards summer every year this pretty little white flowers bloom in a pot in our garden. Always a welcome sight, we do watch for them to appear. In fact, this year, they have self-seeded to the point where we will need…

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Misty Rose and Rosebud in the Garden Photo

Always a welcome sight when we see this pink rose flowering in our garden. It means summer is here! I have a selection of photos, over the years, of this rose. I particularly like this mist y effect, so that’s the one I have posted in my galleries. Here it is, on a slightly darker…

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Sunset at Oia in Santorini with a tour boat's masts in silhouette. The sunset at Oia is beautiful. You can watch it from the land or from a boat on the sea. Taken from our boat.
Sunset at Oia in Santorini with a tour boat’s masts in silhouette. The sunset at Oia is beautiful. You can watch it from the land or from a boat on the sea. Taken from our boat.

Mast in the Sunset at Oia, Santorini

The sunset off the town of Oia on Santorini is well known and attracts many visitors to the viewpoints and pathways of Oia.

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Under clouds and blue sky that is Dawlish on the coast, looking towards Exmouth. The sea wall and accompanying paths offer a good walk from the town, taking in sandy beaches when the tide is out. Dawlish is a coastal resort town, often considered part of the British Riviera, along with Teignmouth and the Torbay towns.

Photo Editing with Free Open Source Software

Open Source (FOSS) image editing and processing software is all most photographers need.

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Tenby Colours
Boats in Tenby Harbour, with the beautifully coloured buildings in the background. taken in the morning, a little before sunrise.

Tenby Colours – A Favourite

Tenby Colours – the colours of the boats in the harbour and the buildings above the harbour at Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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Look at this incredible sunrise over the sea at Teignmouth
A remarkable silver and pink sunrise seen in Teignmouth. Just briefly the position of the sun and clouds delivered this sheen on the sea, with the colours of the rising sun above, silhouetting the land.

Look at this Beautiful Sunrise over Teignmouth

What a beautiful sunrise over Teignmouth. Just for a moment, everything came together to produce a pink and silver sunrise over the sea.

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A misty day over Lake Geneva in Switzerland, bringing to mind Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”. A lone yacht is sailing away into the mists.

Yacht Cruising into the Mist on Lake Geneva – Photo

Yacht Cruising into the Mist on Lake Geneva. Every time we visited the lake it was misty. The yacht seems to be cruising into the mist.

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Domed church an new building glass in London.

Weekly Photo: Seen in London

In a recent trip to London, actually while making our way across the city to Hyde Park, we spotted this picture. Here’s an interesting mix of old and new architecture all reflected in the glass walls of two building through a gap between the two. #london #londonarchitecture #ukarchitecture #walkinginlondon #walkinginlondoncity #cityoflondon #cityoflondonpics #outandaboutinlondon #England #londonengland…

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Red Breas Robin on a fence in heavy wind
A little red breast robin sitting on our fence. The wind was blowing hard, but he landed there and sat for a bit, feathers all ruffled.

Red Robin On A Fence in Strong Wind

This little red breast robin defied the gale force winds to come and sit on our fence, feathers all ruffled. It was a windy day, not great for little birds to be out.

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