Sunrise cloudscape over the sea in Ballito, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.The sun is still below the horizon but it is lighting up the clouds to announce that it is about to burst out of the sea. And here is the sun popping up out of the sea. In April of 2022 we took a trip... Continue Reading →

A pretty pink and yellow rose from my garden, shown on a black background which brings out the colours. GIMP is a very powerful photo processing tool. Best of all it is FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). I have been using it for years, alongside XnView MP and Darktable, mainly to clean up photos... Continue Reading →

Sunrise on the beach at Sandown on the Isle of Wight. I took an early morning walk to the beach to catch the sunrise, with some interesting clouds in the sky. The sun is just appearing over the horizon and reflecting off the beach. Sandown Bay is well protected and is often used by ships... Continue Reading →

Moved from Self Hosted to

Early 2021, still in COVID-19 lockdown, saw Hairy1Travels migrate from a self hosted site to Read on for details of how and, more importantly, why. The effects of Lockdown Lockdown in 2020 meant many changes for most people, not excluding me. Work became hugely busy, trying to set users up to work from home,... Continue Reading →

The main entrance to Marylebone Station in London, terminus of the Chiltern Main Line. Marylebone is our arrival & departure point for London Source: Marylebone Station London Main Entrance - Travels of the Hairy One

Christkindlmarket Chicago

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Going to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago was definitely an enjoyable experience. This is the second Christmas market that we have attended here in the States and, although there are some differences compared to those that we experienced in Germany, they have both been very authentic. It was extremely cold during our visit to Chicago with wind chill temperatures well below zero, so having a warm glass of Gluhwein was a definite must. We visited the market on Saturday, two days before Christmas, and to say that it was crowded would be an understatement. It seemed that half of the city had shown up to squeeze their way through the maze of stalls.

IMG_2103 Making Our Way Through the Crowds

IMG_2108 Plenty of Food and Gluhwein

IMG_2113 People Everywhere

There was a wide variety of food available, including traditional German favorites such as Currywurst and Bratwurst, but there were options to fit any desire…

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