That time of year is here again, as the flowers bloom and add colour to the garden. The fiery orange of this dwarf lily, recently potted and given a spot in the garden, caught my eye, and lens.

It is summer - a beutiful pink rose and bud. Always a welcome sight when we see this pink rose flowering in our garden. It means summer is here! I have a selection of photos, over the years, of this rose. I particularly like this mist y effect, so that's the one I have posted... Continue Reading →

First flower. It's spring! A spot of red in the green leaves and buds. .

A beautiful orchid lit from behind by the spring morning sunshine. It's just the right time of year for the morning sun to light this part of the house.

A monochrome orchid. Sometimes even pretty coloured flowers look good in black and white.

A pair of photos, taken less than 2 minutes apart, showing the difference in the light which a hole in a cloud makes.

Sometimes you just need to see the light in the right way. Caught the light just right in these photos of white orchid flowers.

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