Brackley Soap Box Derby

June 2nd saw the annual Brackley Soap Box Derby taking place. A great excuse for young and old to have a bit of fun, with a great turn out.

Flying Inverted

He’s flying inverted. On a motorcycle. Doing a loop at about 15 metres. Crazy motorcycle stuntman giving a show in mid-air.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 2015

Motorcycles take over the town for the annual Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. A great opportunity for bikers young and old to come together and have fun.

Brackley Festival of Food 2014

A few photos from the Brackley Festival of Food 2014. This annual event has been running since 2008, and is always worth a visit.

Fishing at the Lake

Just a pleasant springtime photo of a man fishing at the lake one Sunday afternoon. The lake is 5 minutes walk from home, so great for a Sunday stroll.