Embarrassed Cat

Beaten up by her lunch!
Beaten up by her lunch! See more photos at Flickr!
© 2013 hairy1travels.com

Too slow to catch the real action, but in time to catch one very embarrassed cat.

I heard a couple of birds making the noise that they only make when something is threatening them. In fact a blackbird and his mate had backed the cat against a wall and were taking it in turns to dive bomb her and "shout" at her.

The blackbird lunch.
The blackbird lunch.
© 2013 hairy1travels.com

It would appear the she felt like a bit of fresh meat for lunch, but her prey bit back.
It’s said that cats kill many animals when nobody can see them. This cat probably doesn’t offer a huge threat to the rest of the natural world!

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  1. I am quite sure your final observation about “embarrassed cat” is correct. Poor thing.

    However, here in the U.S., feral cats, including those that owners allow to roam outside their yards, can devastate urban fauna.

    Chipmunks, rabbits, and the size of the local bird population all plummeted several years ago, when the at-large house cat population grew beyond the “normal” one or two. A full year of cat humane trapping, neutering, and farm release has allowed the native population to return. However, the numbers only fully recovered over four-five years.

    Cats are not native to North America, have no native predators, and, technically, are an invasive species. I love cats. They love me. However, I also love my my wild furry and feathered friends.


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