In a Blur of Feathers

Canada Geese taking off in a blur of feathers.

Canada Geese In a Blur of Feathers

Every evening, at this time of year, the flocks of Canada geese on our local lake gradually move away from their normal island roost. As the, I guess, 60 or 70 geese congregate at the end of the lake there is the usual honking and squabbling amongst the different families.
Suddenly, as if at a signal, a group will take off and fly to the island at low level.
Here’s a picture of them launching towards the island.
This behaviour is amazing to watch. It is even harder to photograph, as the weather is typically overcast and the light is not great for catching sudden fast movement. So here’s one attempt. No doubt there will be more.
From a personal point of view this picture is a matter of pushing some boundaries. Firstly taking the picture at the limits of the light and camera capabilities. Secondly turning a somewhat blurred result into something interesting in software.
Getting this one right is a matter of knowledge of the behaviour of the animals and their environment, alongside an understanding of the effect of the weather on the light in the creatures’ location. As always the photography is a matter of "right place, right time", but it helps to be able to plan that and not leave it to chance.

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