Llyn Gwynant Camping

llyn Gwynant camp before climbing Mt Snowdon
Lllyn Gwynant camp

Easter weekend 2014 was planned a while ago, a couple of nights camping at Llyn Gwynant, with a climb to the top of Mount Snowdon. Friday saw us on our way, early, past Birmingham and heading towards Wales. Rhug Estate provided a pleasant refreshment stop, with the next stop being Llyn Gwynant campsite.

Llyn Gwynant really is a camper’s campsite. Situated in the shadow of Gallt y Wenallt, part of the Snowdon Masssif, the site consists of open fields located next to a river, leading into a lake. Parking is controlled, which means no cars in the camping area, and sound systems are banned. Really a beautiful spot for the keen camper.

Despite the site being busy, we were able to find a  spot next to the river and settle down for a couple of nights camping. With a sunny day to enjoy, next to a lake, once we had made camp, the only realistic thing to do was, of course to hire a raft and go boating. The eight seater “raft” was actually two canoes bound together by a wooden frame. With the length of lake explored, and the requisite mid-lake toast made it was time to settle down to a couple of excellent Welsh beers and dinner.

Now there is one disadvantage to camping in a valley in the mountains. Well before sunset the sun slips behind the mountains. In Wales in April that means it gets COLD. Fortunately LLyn Gwynant is a “proper” campsite with facilities for a campfire. Take a bunch of Southern Africans camping and there has to be a braai or a potjie. Beer was soon accompanied by a tasty one pot beef and rice concoction.

A good night’s sleep saw everyone up early for coffee and a skottel bacon and bagel breakfast. That’s a grand mix – in Wales, eating bacon cooked on a South African skottel, accompanied by a bread originally from Poland!

Now for the main event. A bit of preparation and kit checking, and we were off to Pen y Pass to start our climb up the mountain. Watch this space for the next installment.

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Photography Notes

As always a couple of photo notes. Nothing fancy here, just the Canon EOS 450D with Sigma 17-50, Aperture priority in general. I use a slightly increased saturation, which has delivered strong blue skies and green grass.


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