Sunrise Sailing

Sailing out in the sunrise

There is always something thrilling about a sunrise over the ocean. In Tenby it is hard to still be in Tenby and see the sunrise over the ocean more clearly than from Castle Hill.
I deliberately set out early to try and catch a shot of the sunrise over the sea. In the cool of a summer morning it was great to just enjoy the view as the blue hour turned into the golden first hour of daylight. The sun started to rise, but a band of cloud prevented the first rays of the sun from producing much of a picture.
As darkness fell on the previous evening a yacht had been visible under running lights, anchoring in the shelter of the land outside Tenby harbour.

Back to the morning. As the sun arose, along came the beautiful sailboat. There ensued a tense few minutes. The sun is rising. The yacht is coming. The possible picture was coming together, but would the sun be too high? Well, the photo above is the result.

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