Poppies, the Tower and Remembrance

The photo above is of part of the art installation “Blood swept Lands and Seas of Red” at the Tower of London. See more in my gallery “Tower of London Poppies“.

This is an incredible work, but in admiring it, one must take a step back and consider its meaning.

100 years ago, in 1914, the First World War, often known as the Great War, started, and continued to 1918, with armistice remembered on 11 November. The second Sunday of November, the nearest Sunday to 11 November, is Remembrance Sunday, on which day, across Britain, parades and church services are held to remember those who gave their lives in the two world wars and other conflicts.

With this in mind, one must reflect that each poppy represents one English fatality in just World War 1. A total of 888,246 poppies will be planted by 11 November 2014. Each poppy represents someone’s son, husband, father, brother, from just one allied country in one conflict.

So, when viewing the installation, or these photos, give a thought to those who gave their lives to to defend the values and qualities of our modern world, and spare a thought for those military men who continue to put their lives on the line every day, to defend our way of life.

For more information on the Great War, check out this selection of World War 1 books (click this link)


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