No Snow

A Frosty Start but No Snow
A bit of hoar frost on a wooden post at the local lake, but no snow.

Every year there is speculation about whether the UK will have a white Christmas. In 11 years of living here, I haven’t seen one yet! Not only that, so far there has been No Snow at all this winter, or last winter, at that. I have no liking for winter cold, even when it comes to photography, but snow is an exception which will get me out in the cold with a camera.

Not much to do about it, but the time can’t be wasted. There are always lost photos to find and process, and a fair few which haven’t even been looked at. Check out the Tenby and Isle of Wight galleries for some new pictures.

December and January is always a busy time, not just because of Christmas, but a group of family birthdays. This year featured both an 80th and a 30th birthday in our family, so plenty of opportunity for some people photography. Family don’t complain as much if the photo work isn’t perfect!

This is also a good time to think about the year, and review methods, photography, etc. Expect some changes in the coming year, but watch this space, and expect more photography!

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