Braai Time – First Braai of 2016

Braai time. Steak, chicken and salad perfectly grilled over the coals (we ate the sausages first).
Braai time. First of 2016.

Braai Time

Braai time. A Sunny spring Sunday in England, with the temperature up around 25C and the family around. It’s time for a braai.

If you weren’t born in southern Africa you would call it a barbecue or bbq. But – they are not the same.

Having a braai, or braaivleis, in southern Africa would be cooking steak, boerewors, sausage and, maybe, chops, be they lamb or pork. Some form of maize meal accompaniment will be cooked in a pot – pap in South Africa or sadza in Zimbabwe. A braai is normally accompanied by copious quantities of beer, and is often held by the pool, or the beach resulting in more than a few high jinks in the water!

Come braai time, the men will get on with the serious and thirsty work of the fire (a gas braai is a shortcut only for emergencies!), while ladies get on with the salad, not without a drop of wine.

But, hey, this is England and boerewors and sadza need a little planning, so sausages, steak and chicken will just have to do the job.

Who cares, there is little to beat a gathering around the fire in the sun with some well cooked meat.

Just don’t put hamburger on my braai!

A few braai resources:

Read more about the braai.

CADAC gas braai equipment is popular – available on Amazon along with some useful charcoal braai kit.

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