Durban from North Beach

Durban North Beach looking towards Durban.
Not the greatest weather, but better than we had seen for a few days. We took a trip to Durban’s North Beach.
Durban from North Beach.

Durban, the Beach and the Weather

After 10 days in Durban we finally made it to the beach. This is a picture of Durban from North Beach, near the Casino.
Why did we wait so long to go to the beach? Simply the weather has been atrocious. Not what I expected from Durban in mid-October. Some time ago I lived in Durban, and, later, the Natal Midlands. I recall October being hot and sunny, with a few thunderstorms and afternoon winds. The first 10 days of this trip have been cool and wet and drizzly. Staying in Hillcrest was even cooler, requiring a light coat much of the time. Hillcrest is much higher and cooler than the coast, so it was great English weather!

Durban, Photos

A number of locals warned me of the risks of carrying a “big” camera (read DSLR) on the beach and public places, so most of my photos have been taken on mobile phone.

Technical stuff

This trip has given me an opportunity to experiment. with some new stuff, which will feature in a future blog post or three. Things like:

Mobile data, 4G roaming;

The WordPress app on both Android and iOS, using a Bluetooth keyboard;

IFTTT to automatically generate a post in WordPress from an Instagram post;

Fun Stuff!

Blog Note

The earlier post, What City is this? Was of course Durban. A long time ago (1965 or 1966).

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