My 5 Key Travel Hardware Items

As travellers, bloggers and photographers we need to have some form of processing power available. Now I like to travel light, so over our last few trips I have been working to whittle down the hardware I am carrying, but still be able to process photos and blog. Of course doing this effectively requires a combination of hardware, software and connectivity. It’s the hardware that carries the weight and luggage space, so the discussion about the rest can come later.

So far I have been able to cut my processing hardware down to 5 key items (in addition to my camera gear of course):

  1. An Android mobile phone – the most important device;
  2. An iPad 3 – useful but not vital;
  3. A bluetooth keyboard – the most important accessory;
  4. An OTG hub to connect Android with SD cards, memory sticks and so on;
  5. A backup battery.

Out of those 5 items it is quite feasible to do everything you need while travelling, including photo processing, blog posting, communicating, making notes on the go, reading books and listening to music.

For more, head on over to the main Hairy1Travels site (Click the link).

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