Big Blue Sky over Valras Plage

A view of Beach and sky with Valras Plage on the horizon. Near Blue Bayou., Valras Plage, France.

A beautiful big blue sky pictured in the morning, over a gently lapping blue Mediterranean sea. The tall white building on th horizon marks the town of Valras Plage. We are in the Lanquedoc-Rousillon area of France, near the historic city of Beziers.

We stayed at the Blue Bayou campsite, near Vendres Plage. The site is about 300m from this beach. We visited this area in May, a very windy time of year. The campsite is ideally situated to provide protection from the wind, but easy access to the beach.

Our explorations on this trip took us as far as the old walled citadel at Carcassonne and Agde, though we did spend time at the market in Valras Plage.

With friends living in the area we are hoping to visit the Beziers area more often, and probably spend more time on the beach at Valras Plage. So many places to visit!

Update: We believe that, since this visit in 2017, Blue Bayou has significantly expanded by acquiring a neighbouring campsite.

A Quick Trip Summary

From East Midlands airport in the UK, we flew into Carcassonne, where we met up with a friend. The Blue Bayou campsite is one of a number situated between Valras Plage and Vendres Plage, around an hour and a half drive from Carcassonne. At present (2019) the better flight would be to fly by Ryanair directly to Beziers from London Luton.

We were with friends, so transport was not an issue. A hire car would be a big advantage if you are travelling this way. I do know of one family who do the 14 hour drive to Carcassonne at times. That’s not something I would enjoy, though we did see a number of "GB" camper vans on the road and in the site.

We stayed in a mobile home at Blue Bayou and found t well equipped. Even in late May beware of the mosquitos! You will need repellant.

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