Burgundy Restaurant Hermanus

Burgundy Restaurant Hermanus
Breakfast under the trees by the bay in Hermanus

Hermanus Burgundy Restaurant

Breakfast Under the Tree

A lasting memory from my 2010 Hermanus visit is walking into town and eating breakfast under a tree looking over Walker Bay.

Of course, in 2017, we had to find that tree. It wasn’t hard, it is in the Burgundy Restaurant right on the edge of the bay.

Our group enjoyed a varied selection of breakfast dishes and club sandwiches. All well served and very tasty. Highlight of the meal seems to have been the eggs benedict, served, unusually, with chicken livers instead of ham or bacon. That’s a dish that none of us had ever tried.

All, of course, sitting in the open air with a view over the bay. hard to beat that.

Breakfast view from Burgundy Restaurant
Breakfast view over the bay

The “after breakfast” part was also interesting, but at this point it is necessary to add a side comment. In our family, on weekends and holidays, “breakfast” is typically any food eaten before about 2:00 p.m. In fact the Burgundy Restaurant stops serving breakfast at 10:00 a.m., but agreed to serve us a good hour later. so the drinking of alcohol immediately after breakfast was quite acceptable.

Gin Tasting

The restaurant was running a gin tasting promotion for a brand called “Three Dogs”. A couple of the group sampled three different gins, with tonic. Not to outdone those who preferred beers washed down breakfast with beer shandies.

I’m told that rosemary and blueberry gin is not great, but pomegranate, and mandarin and thyme are pretty good.

Gin tasting at the Burgundy Restaurant
Gin tasting with a sea view.


True to the memory of my earlier breakfast, it was a great breakfast experience and one I would happily repeat.

The menu looks interesting, and the restaurant is popular, judging by the number of people there. I would certainly like to try out a few other meals here. Next trip maybe?

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