Durban Beachfront

Durban Beachfront Bay of Plenty

When we were kids on holiday in Durban the Durban Beachfront was about sea sand and swimming pools, with a trip to the old aquarium and lunch at the Wimpy.

As students the beachfront was about the “Golden Mile” and Saturday nights out in nearby bars. And, of course, days on the beaches at Bay of Plenty and South Beach.

Today the Durban Beachfront is much changed. Where surfers used to park their VWs on the Lower Marine Parade, and we used to park and watch the sea over a late night coffee, is now a wide pedestrian boulevard.

of course, now we are a bit older it’s a pleasure to sit and enjoy being by the beach and watch the people and ships on the horizon and moving into the harbour.

Circus Circus Cafe on the Durban BeachfrontBreakfast

Durban was only a short trip from our spot at Umdloti, so what better way to start the day, than with breakfast on the beach. Or maybe it was brunch, given the time of day, at Circus Circus Beach Cafe. Bacon, sausages, brinjal and pancakes all washed down with coffee, within sight and sound of the sea.

Come here at a weekend and during the holiday season and it’s likely to be heaving with people. We were there on a Monday morning, so it was quiet, but certainly not deserted. We had our pick of tables at the cafe. A great way to have a leisurely Monday breakfast!

Durban Beachfront Breakfast - pancakes Durban style!

Beach Sand Art

Close to our breakfast spot we noticed this piece of sand art. As always the artist has his collection tin out, so we dropped in a few Rand in exchange for a couple of photos.


This are, the Bay of Plenty is popular amongst surfers, and is known for its pier, where you can often see local anglers enjoying a few hours fishing. It was good to spend some on the pier watching the surfers and looking back at the Durban skyline.

Durban Skyline from the Pier
The beachfront in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Creative Commons Image from From:

uShaka Marine World

At the southern end of the beach area, near Addington Beach is the UShaka Marine World. This is definitely a big upgrade from the old Durban Aquarium which we grew up up with. Offering a huge aquarium alongside all sorts of water activities.

We visited uShaka to have a look around and buy some souvenirs of our trip. Having seen a number of aquariums, they held little attraction, but this is a must for first time visitors.


All along Durban’s beaches are an assortment of Beach Markets. Great for a few momentos, the offer a range of mass produced and local craft products. Watch your wallet in these areas, but have a good look. We bought a few bits and pieces to take home.

More About Durban

There are many sites with information about Durban, but one in the UK’s Guardian paper caught my eye. Have a look.

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