Robertsbridge, East Sussex 

The High Street, Robertsbridge Village, East Sussex

Robertsbridge Coat of Arms
Robertsbridge Coat of Arms


As you drive along the road you see their names. Towns you have never heard of, appearing on road signs and gone in a flash. And then, for whatever reason, you stop in one. That is how we came to Robertsbridge. Having been to an appointment nearby, we just decided to stop in. OK, the Inn was recommended as a good place for a meal too.










Where is RobertsbridgeCrossroads to Battle

Robertsbridge is a village just off the A21, about 10 miles (16km) from Hastings, on the English cost.

Close by (5 miles/8 km away) is the town of Battle, on the site of the Battle of Hastings which occurred in 1066. For those who don’t know English history, the Battle of Hastings was the battle in which William the Conqueror, with his Norman forces from Normandy, took the English crown from King Harold.

Indeed, as we approached the area, a road sign proclaimed that we were entering “1066 Country”.

Lunch at the InnThe George Inn, Robertsbridge, East Sussex

The George Inn was recommended to us for lunch. We arrived to a great welcome, entering the pub to see a cosy and warm space by the fire, with a temptation to settle down with a book and a glass of something good. On the opposite side was a light and airy restaurant area.

As always, my first call was to look at the fish and chips. The menu detailed the fact that the fish was locally caught, landed at Rye or Hastings. Haddock was the fish of the moment, cooked in a tempura batter. That was a really enjoyable fish and chips, one of the best I have had.

Two fish and chips cost £32, along with a few soft drinks.


Taking a walk

Despite a cold day, we took a walk along the High Street.

Robertsbridge apparently had wealthy times in the 14th and 15th centuries, resulting in a number of large houses being built. Some of these are still standing.

Judge’s Bakery looked interesting, so we dropped in, taking a sample of their products back home for our dinner. Well worth a future visit!

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Next Time

It’s possible that we will be visiting the area again this year. It will be a good opportunity to have a wander and see the sights, particularly at Battle.

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