A380 Gear Up!

Flying Away -gear up - Airbus A380 taking off at Heathrow terminal 5

Gear Up! I caught this Airbus A380 taking off at London Heathrow airport as we were about to depart on a trip. Timing was just great as the undercarriage has been retracted, but the doors are still open.
We caught a BA A380 later that day, which was our first trip in the big double-decker jet. I have to say it was a much more pleasant experience than the return trip in an aging BA 747!
Hmm. Perhaps it’s time to go again – photos like this make me restless.

Photo Notes

“Gear Up” was taken outside Heathrow Terminal 5 Departures. Shot with the Panasonic Lumix TZ100 f/6.3 1/800s ISO 125.

#aircraft #takeoff✈ #takeoff #aeroplane #aeroplanetakeoff #takeoff #a380 #airbus #airbus380 #airliners #travel #getaway #grabshot #heathrow #heathrowterminal5 #landinggear #undercarriage #gearup Posted on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bftw1DAl8RK/@hairy1travels.

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