Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean at Umdloti, near Durban in Kwa Zulu-Natal in South Africa.
Sunrise over the Indian Ocean.
Seen on our 2017 trip to South Africa, from the beach at Umdloti.
The sea mist makes shadows of the ships as the sun rises out of the sea.

The dawn view of the sun creeping out of the sea is one I can never get tired of.

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise over the Indian Ocean

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  1. Someone who has actually seen the Indian Ocean, while in South Africa! On our first trip, in 1995, we went to “where the two oceans meet,” but not really, at the Cape of Good Hope. As our hosts made clear, the two actually do not meet until Cape Aguhlas, a somewhat desolate place, about 170 km east of Cape Town.


    1. Childhood memories of annual holidays on the Natal coast. The sun rising out of the sea has always stuck in my mind. Then I went to university in Durban. Had to have the sunrise shot when we were in Umdloti a couple of years ago.
      I never went to Cape Aguhlas, though I did know that was the true meeting of the oceans.


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