St Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland

St Colmans Cathedral dominates the skyline at Cobh in Ireland as we approach across Cork Harbour.

St Colman’s Cathedral totally dominates the skyline in Cobh, in Ireland.

In September 2019 visited Cork in Ireland for a long weekend. On our last visit, some years ago, we explored Kinsale and Charles Fort. This time we decided to investigate the little town of Cobh (pronounced like Cove).

Located on the Great Island in Cork Harbour, Cobh is a fascinating place with some interesting history. Actually we found it interesting enough to visit two days in a row. After all it’s only 20 minutes drive from Glanmire, where we stayed.

Cobh Cathedral

St Colman’s is also known as Cobh Cathedral.

Situated in the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne, the cathedral was consecrated in 1919. Construction started in 1868, and the project outlasted two bishop’s control of the diocese. Soon after construction started the bishop of the time decided that a more elaborate design was in order. It looks like he achieved that, though it caused delays in construction, no doubt contributing to the 50 year project.

St Colmans has the only carillon in Ireland, containing 49 bells. This features as on of the largest in Europe.

A visit to Cobh would not be complete without a visit to Spike Island (more to come on that trip). As we returned across Cork Harbour, this view of Cobh greeted us, with the town dominated by St Colman’s Cathedral.

Heading for Spike Island, looking back at Cobh. Hard to miss St Colmans Cathedral from the water!
Heading for Spike Island, looking back at Cobh. St Colmans Cathedral really stands out.

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