Life is a Journey – About Our Travel Photos and Food

Life is a journey: Flying Away - Airbus A380 taking off at Heathrow terminal 5

My hair was thick black and curly, now it’s grey

My beard was thick and black, now it’s grey

They called me “The Hairy One”, and the name will stay!

Life is a Journey. Travel well. Eat well. And take a camera!

Our kids call us hippies. Our friends just accept us as we are. We (that’s my wife and I) are living our lives our way and having as much fun as we can.

Photos, postcards home, blog posts. They are all just moments in time in the journey through life.

Perhaps it’s in Greece, or South Africa or just at home in England.

Maybe it’s Braai time, or prawns in a great restaurant, or coffee at Silverstone.

And always a photo!

Where It Began

Growing up in 60’s and 70’s Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), overseas travel was for the rich, but we had places like Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, Mana Pools and Hwange Game Reserve to go and play.

South Africa’s Natal Coast was a long drive away, taking in places like the Kruger Park along the way.

You would pay a lot to see them. They were right on our doorstep.

Then we went to the UK and enjoyed London and camping at Land’s End an going to Edinburgh and more.

Going Overseas

And then came 2014

Ireland, the Isle of Wight, and this place isn’t big enough for us anymore. Especially as the family have all grown up and found their own paths.

And 2015.

First the opportunity came to go to Santorini. Then Mozambique for Christmas. And the travel bug had us firmly infected.


Nerja in Spain and momentous family events. And an unexpected jaunt to Durban and Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa.


A little trip to France, a whale watching trip to Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa and Umdloti in SA.


A big family wedding and visit to Switzerland.


Fun all the way, starting with Christmas lights and wandering around Camden and London and Oxford.

A summer of coffee, fast cars and music.

A little birthday party in Cork with a trip to Cobh.

And then chilling out on the beach at Zakynthos.

And don’t forget my new hobby – the addictive journey of sourdough baking.


A crazy year of COVID-19 lockdown, working from home and wondering when we can go somewhere interesting.

Probably somewhere between Scarborough and Cape Town, and Brisbane and Montego Bay!

And the Food

Unintentionally, food plays a big part when we travel. We enjoy good food, preferably local. We’re not travelers who seek out the best 5 star restaurants. We love to find the little places where the food is superb and the company great.

Looking Ahead

Retirement looms, and the 9 to 5 is in the way of our travels. We need to find a way to travel more and still pay our way.

We are both over 50, which I suppose makes us young "Baby Boomer" travelers. Ours is not the peak season, it’s the good months on either side. There are a few cities we’d like to see, but the beach is the first attraction, followed by the countryside.

Join us in our travels.

12 thoughts on “Life is a Journey – About Our Travel Photos and Food

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  1. Hi thanks for following my blog.. I was in the process of transferring my blog back to WordPress when you started to follow and that site is no longer functional… I am still on the same URL if you wish to follow the new blog. Love your captures …


    1. Thanks. All done. I have actually been following you on Feedly for a while now and saw your post about your change to


      1. Yes I moved back to WordPress .. bit of a job… but so pleased I did… hosting was getting dearer and dearer and then all these rules and regulations came in.. It seemed as if I was maintaining my blog longer than I was actually working on photographs. Again thanks for the follow xx


  2. 🙂 At least you don’t have 20 years worth of negatives and transparencies waiting to be scanned. The break to digital for me corresponded, more or less, with the move to the UK.
    I need to do a lot of scanning and writing. “Southern Africa” (above) is Zim, and camping was, well, we never made it to Gona re Zhou, but went pretty well all over Zimbabwe, and I always managed to find SOME film.

    Your photos are great. They evoke a lot of memories for me.


  3. Although always interested in photography, unlike you, growing up, we didn’t have a camera in our house.
    With the advent of the digital age, I bought a fujipix happy snapper and I LOVED it! And then a Panasonic and another!
    Then I wrote a book and discovered I had to promote it – so had to Facebook, and tweet! After posting my pics – I discovered people preferred my photos to my writing!


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