Kudu bulls drinking at a waterhole in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. from my photo archives.

A day out on Magaruque Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago near Vilanculos in Mozambique. This sailboat was moored there making a beautiful picture with the clear seas, blue skies and clouds. from 500px Magaruque Sailing Boat via IFTTT

A little crab near its burrow on a tropical beach. These little crabs hide under the sand at hight tide, popping out to forage when the tide is low. Get too close and they will scurry back to the hole for safety.

Vilanculos. Christmas and New Year in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Outdoor living on the beach.

The popular Nyangombe swimming pool on the Nyangombe (old spelling Inyangombe) River in Zimbabwe's mountainous Nyanga area.

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