Kudu in Hwange

A pair of Kudu bulls with some nice horns at Big Tom’s Pan waterhole in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. This is an old scan which was in my library. The original colour negative was shot “in the wild” in 1992 on a trip to Hwange’s Robins Camp.

While cleaning up my photo archives, I came across a few scans of some old photos, taken in the Hwange National Park. These are a pair of Kudu Bulls at Big Tom’s Pan in the Robins Camp area of the park.

Situated in the south west of Zimbabwe, Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park. It is accessible from the main Bulawayo – Victoria Falls road. Near the park at Hwange Safari Lodge, and in the park at Main Camp are facilities for tourists, though the park has other camps for the more intrepid traveller. (See Wikipedia entry for Hwange)

Living in Zimbabwe, it is common to load up the bakkie (light truck) and head for bush areas for a great few days away. Our own “hunting grounds” tended to be more to the north, however a trip to Hwange was always fun. Our chosen destination was the Robins Camp area, well away from the main tourist zones.

The park provides a number of waterholes, fed by boreholes, with viewing platforms. These pictures are from one such waterhole, known as Big Toms Pan, taken on a trip to Robins Camp in 1992. It’s a great way to spend a day, just watching the game coming down to drink.

There is a bit of a photography story to these photos. At that time film could be hard to get and sometimes expensive. At the last moment before leaving town I bought some cheap film. Now temperatures at Hwange can easily get above 40C in the car. All of the last minute film was damaged by heat! Not a problem I have seen with digital! As a result all of the colour was off. Years later the solution was to scan them and render them in black and white.

NOTE: A revised and corrected version of an old post.


A Pair of Kudu Bulls

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