A good lunch break in the sunshine at Limes Farm in Farthinghoe. Lockdown is easing asnd the sun came out!

The Pig Place at Adderbury. Sitting in the sun on a great big comfortable couch in the Oxfordhire sunshine. What better way to have lunch.

The Falkland Arms Pub in Great Tew, Oxfordshire. Being in Great Tew, we dropped into the Falkland arms for a Saturday light lunch. Good plan!

Who knows what the English weather is doing. Who cares. A bit of sun and there's a braai on the go, with homemade boerewors and plenty more.

Street food is great. Feeling hungry at Camden Market and there is a great selection. But what is a Yorkshire Burrito?

The Green Room in Brackley is a popular local spot for a coffee or a meal. We enjoy their breakfast (brunch, perhaps at midday?).

We found the Weald Smokery, at Flimwell in Sussex, by accident, on a road trip, and enjoyed an excellent smoked fish meal.

Bunny Chow - a speciality of the Durban area of kwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Have to have a bunny if I go to Durban. But there's nothing to say i can't make one at home in the UK. And there are no bunny rabbits involved!

Lunch in the garden on a sunny day on holiday in recently not so sunny Durban, South Africa. Hillcrest to be a bit more precise.

As we drove in, queueing for parking, objective number one was clearly in sight - the Jabberwocky's green van. But we knew before we left home how that would go: brunch split between one of those excellent Jabberwocky toasties and then lamb and salsa verde from the Slow Roasted Meat Kitchen. Of course it's the... Continue Reading →

It's difficult to find a good meat pie, and I enjoy a good steak pie. So I have to make my own.

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